Calling locals to grow together

What does fish + plants + community have in common?



My name is Zoe and I've started a project in our community called Dulwichponics Aquaponics.This project is supported by Lambeth Food Flagship and funded by Mayor for London Fund.


All are welcome to get involved in building and sustaining our communities first aquaponic system! We have some space in a local community centre for this project - and those involved can come and learn as we build, monitor and grow edible plants and fish!


What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a system that includes fish and plants. The fish waste becomes nutrient-rich water for the plants, which in turn clean the water - it's a beautiful natural cycle! Aquaponic systems are said to typically use 90% less water than traditional farming methods with the potential to grow crops year round.


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Zoe Ansah